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Health benefits of Nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals are naturally derived, bioactive compounds that have health-promoting, disease-preventing, or medicinal properties and have an impact on human genes that control cellular metabolisms.

Glucosamine and anti-Inflammatory mechanism

Glucosamine supplements are very promising nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents widely used for the treatment of arthritis in animals and humans. In this study, we have proposed the molecular mechanism underlying the anti-inflammatory properties of glucosamine hydrochloride (GLN) using mouse macrophage cell line (RAW 264.7).

Lycopene and Prostate cancer genes

Lycopene is a fat soluble red-orange carotenoid pigment present in tomato that reduces the risk for prostate cancer, a common malignancy among men. However, the mechanism by which lycopene attenuates prostate cancer is not fully defined.

Lutein and Prostate cancer genes

Lutein is a carotenoid pigment present in fruits and vegetables that has anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties. In this study, we examined the effect of lutein on proliferation and survival-associated genes in prostate cancer (PC-3) cells.

A glucose-centric perspective of hyperglycemia

Digestion of food in the intestines converts the compacted storage carbohydrates, starch and glycogen, to glucose. After each meal, a flux of glucose (>200 g) passes through the blood pool (4-6 g) in a short period of 2 h, keeping its concentration ideally in the range of 80-120 mg/100 mL.

Ingredient Spotlight: Salacia oblonga

Global transition over the last 50 years to a modern, sedentary lifestyle, combined with a shift toward processed-food diets higher in calories, carbohydrates, and saturated fat, are contributing to a concerning worldwide epidemic of impaired glucose tolerance. An estimated 387 million people worldwide are living with diabetes. According to statistics from the International Federation of […]