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Bioactives American Broadens Water-Soluble Ingredient Portfolio at SupplySide West 2015

Highland Park, NJ (September 2015)  GRAS Ingredient SALSULIN® is now featured in finished supplements; introducing water-extracted Garcinia cambogia and Green Coffee Bean extract to the product portfolio 

Bioactives American Debuts Broad Ingredient Portfolio at Supply Side West 2014

Highland Park, NJ (September 2014)  Company features GRAS Ingredients SALSULIN®, AMLAAC™, Sesamin Complex, and first Micronized Curcumin 95% … 

Bioactives American Introduces Curcuzen™ A Proprietary Natural Curcumin at SupplySide West 2016

Highland Park, NJ (September 2016)  A leader in water-extracted botanical ingredients, Bioactives American Corporation is introducing a new proprietary natural curcumin ingredient Curcuzen that has been prepared with top-to-bottom control and verified with the state-of-the-art 14 carbon dating method to ensure identity and purity …

Bioactives American brings first GRAS-affirmed salacia oblonga extract to market

Bioactives American Corporation has brought to market what the company calls the first GRAS version of a salacia oblonga ingredient for blood sugar management.

The ingredient, branded as Salsulin, is an extract of the herb that has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for diabetes and obesity. A 2007 study conducted by Abbott Labs and Radiant Research ​ found that use of the herb blunts blood sugar spikes and insulin response after a meal.  That study supported similar results from a 2005 study.

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