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A Natural Alternative for Blood Glucose Metabolism

Salsulin® is a self-affirmed GRAS ingredient made from Salacia oblonga root, which has a long-standing traditional use in Ayurvedic medicine. This perennial woody, climbing vine native to India and Sri Lanka, has been used in traditional Indian medicine to support blood glucose metabolism and healthy weight management for centuries.

Plants in the Salacia genus contain various beneficial nutraceuticals, including anthocyanidins, catechins, phenolic acids, quinones and triterpenoids. The primary bioactive compounds in Salacia oblonga are xanthinoid glucoside, and mangiferin, as well as two unique compounds, salacinol and kotalanol. The S. oblonga species has been the subject of several clinical studies since 2005 that demonstrate its strong efficacy in supporting healthy blood glucose metabolism. One study at Ohio State University published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, noted that the presence of S. oblonga extract tended to lower post prandial glycemia and significantly reduce postprandial insulin response.1


Another randomized, double-blind crossover study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007, concluded that S. oblonga has the potential to support healthy blood glucose metabolism after a high-carbohydrate meal.2

This present-day research, coupled with the ancient wisdom and documentation of Ayurvedic medicine makes Salacia oblonga an emerging nutritional solution to address postprandial glucose and insulin response, especially in combination with diet and lifestyle changes.

Bioactives American Corporation’s branded Salacia oblonga, Salsulin® is a standardized, self-affirmed grass (generally recognized as safe) ingredient that is water-extracted. It offers high potency with low-dose benefits.

Salsulin is standardized to:

  • Salacinol NLT 1%
  • Polyphenol NLT 20%
  • Alpha amylase inhibition (IC50: <35mcg/mL)
  • Alpha glucosidase (IC50: <75 mcg/mL)
  • Aldol Reductase inhibition (IC50: <100 mcg/mL)

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