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Natural Curcumin of Turmeric Origin – The Untold Story

Distinguishing Natural Curcumin from Synthetic and Why It’s Important
INTRODUCTION:  Curcumin with characteristic bright golden color is one of the most successful ingredients in the modern nutritional marketplace. Turmeric (Curcuma longa), the plant from which natural curcumin is derived, has become the top selling herbal item since 2013 in the U.S. natural and health food channel (according to American Botanical Council’s annual report, U.S. Dietary Supplement Sales in Herbalgram). The future continues to be promising as new research heralds its health benefits. Beyond its well-known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, curcumin is generating strong interest from scientists for its potential to support heart, brain and cognitive health, improve digestive and liver function, and enhance physical performance and mood, as well as promote overall healthy aging.¹ …

SALSULIN®, an Herbal Extract for Glucose Metabolism

This white paper examines the role of a specialized herbal compound, SALSULIN® in blood-sugar metabolism
ABSTRACT: High-calorie, processed food diets have increased in prevalence and contribute to a growing overweight population that is also aging. As scientists and physicians look for solutions to these issues, they are gaining an understanding that the root of the problem may lie with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), which can impact with healthy blood sugar metabolism. Emerging science is showing the promise of traditional herbal medicines, such as Salacia oblonga extract, which prompts beneficial effects in the body, but is easily tolerated and can cost-effectively support healthy blood sugar metabolism, in conjunction with lifestyle modifications.

This paper will examine key information on causes of insulin desensitization, the role of alpha-glucosidase inhibitors in blood sugar metabolism and present the benefits of Salsulin®, a unique, standardized botanical formulation derived from Salacia oblonga, along with research showing the efficacy of S. oblonga in blood glucose metabolism. …